Gadir Engineering Ltd. an Energy Saving Company (ESCO)

Gadir Engineering is a private engineering company with 25 years of experience in the field of energy management and energy conservation.
The company is a "one stop shop" for managing and performing energy efficiency and conservation surveys and projects. Gadir Engineering Ltd is an Energy Serving Company (ESCO) entity registered with the Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructures and energy.
The company employs mechanical and electrical engineers, energy system analysts, and project managers.
Gadir Engineering, which is based in Israel, has hundreds of satisfied customers. Among our customers are business and public organizations from a wide variety of sectors. The sectors include: industrial factories, universities, hospitals, governmental facilities and service centers, hi-tech companies, retail chains, commercial centers, office buildings, etc.
Gadir Engineering is certified ISO: 9001.

Our vision
Gadir Engineering aims to become a global company in the energy management business, by conducting projects for energy management and conservation (electricity, fuel, and gas), for the profit, benefit, and well-being of customers and the environment conservation.